The Ship

No name chosen yet, but I do have most of the stats together.

Let’s see:

  • Corvette sized hull (still playing with that)
  • Crew of ~100 (Heroes included)
  • Stardrive capable of roughly 12LY leaps
  • Light Nanofluidic Armor
  • Very quick and maneuverable (well, usually)
  • Computers, Sensors, and Communications gear
  • 5mx5mx2m cargo bay
  • Lab
  • Fabrication Facility
  • Brig
  • Sick Bay
  • The best weapons she could carry in the space available
  • Oh, and a pretty hefty shield. I’d say the defense is superior to the offense.

Here are some ship designs I am considering:

I am also looking for a picture of Korso’s ship the Valkyrie from Titan AE and the Defiant Class from Star Trek. Any smaller (Frigate, Destroyer, Corvette) sized ship can be used as the model for the ship. Anyone familiar with Babylon 5 ships?

Many more at:

The Ship

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