Rhodens Voraris

On the 22nd of June 2215, a spaceship crashed on Neptune’s fifth moon, Larissa, and split it into several parts. With several manned mining stations on nearby moons, it did not take long for a recovery mission to arrive at the location of the impact. The surprise of the rescuers that anyone had survived the crash was eclipsed by their discovery that the ship’s inhabitants were not of Solar origin. What ensued was the monumental transformation of thinking that happens only once in a millenium. For centuries, human philosophers and authors had been pondering the nature of man’s role in the universe, and now one of the pivotal questions had been answered: Man is not alone!

Commonly referred to as Rhodensians, after their ship the Rhodens Voraris, the species discovered calls itself the Fraal, and they have become somewhat integrated into human society. The Fraal had apparently been living within the Sol system for thousands of years, only occasionally being noticed by humans, and often called “Greys”. The crash of the Rhodens Voraris (which means “hopeful song” in the whimsical bubbly Fraal language) brought them in contact with humans, and the future was changed forever.

Fraal metallurgy, propulsion, and weapons systems allowed terran scientists to combine them with Earth technologies to bring about a renaissance in spaceship construction thinking.

While the Rhodensians have very little memory of what brought them to the Sol system in the first place, they know they came on a generation ship and have been in the system for roughly 4000 years.

Rhodens Voraris

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