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Dabbers are a diminutive (1 meter tall) race native to the planet Dabinov IV, in Concord Taurus, that resemble bipedal versions of ancient terran raccoons. They have broad, masked faces, opposable thumbs, and short, striped tails. Their fur is mostly brown with white and brown striations. Dabbers are known for their playful personalities and their total disregard of individual property rights. Despite (or perhaps because of) their small size, they have powerful mental abilities.

Dabbers are a genuinely curious species, interested in everything and everyone. In a world full of things to be scavenged, the dabber feels right at home. To the dabbers, anything that isn’t nailed down can be scavenged, and anything they can pry up is not nailed down.

Dabbers respect other, larger races and are willing to be tolerant of their attachment to things.

Dabber stats ranges are: STR 4-11, DEX 8-15, CON 4-12, INT 4-15, WIL 6-12, PER 6-14

Dabber free broad skills are: Athletics, Manipulation, Stealth, Knowledge, Awareness, and Interaction.

Dabbers have an uncanny instinct to know what others are feeling, and receive a -1 step bonus to all Interaction-Interview checks. They also have tiny hands well suited to fine manipulation, gaining them a -1 step bonus to all Manipulation skills. The naturally inquisitive mind of a dabber grants them a -1 step bonus to any one knowledge skill.


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