Character Creation

Character creation will follow the standard process described in the Player’s Handbook, with a few exceptions.

  1. All Heroes will start at first level (even the Captain)
  2. Characters can come from any race listed on the Playable Races page
  3. Characters get 60 points for abilities
  4. Only Fraal and Kzinti can use psionics (this may change as new races become available)
  5. Only Fraal can be Mindwalkers, or Diplomat (Mindwalkers)
  6. Fraal and Kzinti can be Psionic Talents
  7. No races can use cybertech (this may change as new races become available)
  8. No mutations can be used, other than those already listed for races (this may change as new races become available)
  9. No FX can be used (this may change as new races become available)
  10. Heroes can start with any equipment listed as PL7 or lower from the PHB or Arms & Equipment Guide. Some PL8 or 9 equipment might also be available as the campaign progresses and can be found at Available Equipment
  11. Heroes can speak languages from the list of Available Languages
  12. Heroes can only have Medical Science – Xenomedicine for those races listed in Studied Races
  13. Heroes will begin with starting “funds” per the following chart:
Combat Spec $4500
Diplomat $9000
Free Agent $6000
Tech Op $6000
Mindwalker $3000

As new races are discovered, players will have the option of creating new Heroes and turning their old Heroes into supporting cast or just not pulling them off the shelf as often. Additionally, should the unthinkable happen (say it isn’t so!) and a Hero dies, the player can then create a new Hero of any available race (after all, the Terran races’ genomes are stored with lots of engrams along for the ride).

It should be noted that the ramp up experienced by gaining levels in other games (Like D&D) in absolute combat power does not happen in Alternity. A Hero’s damage potential doesn’t seriously increase, although their odds of hitting do to an extent. A Hero’s ability to take damage certainly doesn’t increase, unless at higher levels the Hero chooses to take an achievement benefit that would do so. And thus, having a group of mixed level characters does not have the effect of forcing the 10th level Fighter to take point, since they have more hitpoints. Alternity was built as a skills based game, and thus much more roleplaying friendly IMHO.

Character Creation

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