Beyond the Rainbow

Reyond the Rainbow

The bible records God’s promise to Noah, and the rainbow was to be the symbol of that covenant, but the continued ravaging of the Earth’s environment in the 20th and 21st centuries left the planet’s atmosphere incapable of producing a true rainbow. Was it Man that broke the promise with God or was it the other way around? Possibly Man felt that the promise was more than it was, since God had only promised not to destroy the world again by flood. In the end, the American, Robert Frost, proved to be more prophet than poet as the environment moved to extremes and the planet’s ecosystems collapsed under strain from equatorial fires and polar ice in 2279.

As the end grew near, a few visionaries from different nations came together and crafted a plan for the perpetuation of the human species. Recent advances in genetics, cloning, and cryogenics could allow for the transport of a small cadre of Terrans escorting a large collection of terran genotypes in a desperate attempt to transport the species outside of the Sol system. Coupled with rapid advances in various technologies following an alien spaceship which crashed into Larissa in 2215, it was deemed possible to create a hybrid ship using both terran and alien technologies that could serve as a modern day Ark and possibly save the species from extinction.


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